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Sheng Hong bear ISO/TC38/SC23/WG6 called role



Recently, from the China Standardization Committee ( SAC ) international news, Jiangsu Shenghong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Engineer Mei Feng and Shanghai textile industry technical supervision Lu Xiuqin cooperation to undertake the international organization for standardization of man-made fiber group work group (ISO/TC38/SC23/WG6) convener role.

According to the 2009 ISO/TC38 Beijing conference resolution, the international organization for standardization produce man-made fiber group convenor of the working group will be borne by our country. Sheng Hong Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd. as the largest global provider of superfine fiber synthetic fiber, has been committed to the relevant standards internationalization, make it become the global common criteria to guide similar products production, trade and other. Therefore, in leading the national standard of the management committee, to solicit Industry Association and other related aspects of the proposal, the final collaboration between the company and the Shanghai textile industry and technical supervision of the working group convenor scheme is formed, and finally through the.

Shenghong chemical was founded in six years, from cooperating with other enterprises to participate in the formulation, revision of industry standards to start, to the first drafting unit participated in the formulation, revision of a number of national standards, to put forward a draft international standards, continue to make progress in the standardization work.

The Shanghai textile industry technical supervision staff united as the WG6 working group convenor unit, will jointly promote the domestic chemical fiber and other related fields in the ISO standard formulation, revision of pace of work, so as to promote the technological progress of domestic related industries in China, to create the China manufacturing environment, efforts to promote the industry development, make the contribution for the Chinese chemical fiber to the world.