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Shenghong chemical fiber to create millions of tons of chemi


In the global financial crisis will wane, Shenghong chemical decided to increase investment in production, have already achieved the leading position of the field of chemical fiber, ready to continue to increase investment in 2010, to achieve an annual output of 1200000 tons, creating millions of tons of chemical fiber manufacturing aircraft carrier enterprise.

From 2003 since put into production, Shenghong chemical fibre took five years, from 200000 tons of production capacity to 600000 tons of production scale today, Sheng Hong chemical fiber two 400000 tons of melt direct spinning superfine fiber production project successfully put into operation, melt direct spinning polymerization capacity of 600000 tons, annual spinning capacity of 600000 tons. Especially through the development of superfine fiber, occupied the field of superfine fiber production system, make Shenghong chemical annual output of more than the total output of Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions, has become a leader in the industry, has been the industry known as " global fiber expert ". It also established the leading position in the field of chemical fiber shenghong.

Given the requirements of a good situation, Shenghong chemical decided to continue to increase input in this year, and. The enterprise will achieve further market, at the same time extension to complete an annual output of 500000 tons of polyester spinning project Shenghong chemical fiber project phase three, aim at the market of high-end chemical fiber industry, relying on its own technological advantages, to lay the foundation for high-quality polyester fiber production of perfect quality, realize the difference of production line, continue to improve product added value proportion; win the market with difference between varieties and quality advantages; independent innovation research and development of high-tech products; guide the customer production lead the world trend of fashion products, develop new market demand; from many aspects and expand the brand influence, the realization of " global superfine fiber expert, technology leading fashion life" vision market.

With China's rapid economic growth, the demand of domestic textile market expand rapidly, chemical fiber industry for 7 consecutive years in the high-speed growth of nearly 20%, has made great achievements which attract worldwide attention, has made outstanding contributions to the Chinese textile industry and national economic development. In 2009, the total chemical fiber production in China reached 26100000 tons, accounting for 61% of world production, become be worthy of the name of the world chemical fiber production. Sheng Hong chemical fibre as the domestic chemical fiber industry leading enterprises, the establishment of three phase of the project, the annual output reached 120 tons production levels, will once again improve Shenghong chemical fiber in the international and domestic chemical fiber industry status.