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The expert committee of national development and reform grou


The morning of November 13, 2010, vice president of the China Information Association led by Shi Fenghai, the national development and Reform Commission expert group headed by Chairman Miu Hangen, visited the Zhonglu technology 80000 tons full extinction of melt direct spinning production line, both sides and promote the further development of Shenghong carried out in-depth exchanges.

Group of experts on a pedestrian first came to Zhonglu technology spinning workshop, in the workshop, Miao Hangen, detailed to the expert group is introduced total extinction of melt direct spinning project, he said, the commissioning of the project will enable Zhonglu technology of direct spinning functional, differentiated products to further expand the production scale, improve melt direct spinning differentiated products in the market share, will also enable Shenghong further optimization in industrial scale and product structure, market position to further consolidate, at the same time, promote the transformation and upgrading of domestic chemical fiber industry also has a very important significance.

In the subsequent forum, Miao Hangen chairman once again to the expert group group welcomed, and the national development and Reform Commission since long to Sheng Hong and Lianyungang PTA project development thank the support. Then, he said, Sheng Hong by a village-run enterprise development so far, is inseparable from the government functional departments and related national concern. Hope expert group actively help promote Shenghong approval in Lianyungang large-scale petrochemical project, while continuing to care for construction and development support Shenghong, promote scientific development, domestic chemical fiber industry development process.

Through the visit, the expert members have Shenghong in recent years that approval, the group of experts to come to, is mainly to further understanding of the current situation Shenghong and field to understand the relevant situation Lianyungang, promote the work of prophase argumentation Sheng Hong PTA project. After a thorough investigation, the expert group that Sheng Hong grasp the opportunity, actively promoting the PTA project, to make their own contribution to the further development of the domestic chemical fiber industry.