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Jiang Hongkun Sheng Hong research



In November 20th, the Provincial Standing Committee, Suzhou municipal Party committee secretary Jiang Hongkun came to the point of contact of Wujiang town of Shengze City, the second batch of study and practice activities to guide research visit Shenghong chemical fibre and held a forum in Sheng hong. Group Chairman Miu Hangen accompanied and attend the meeting.

Jiang Hongkun's first visit to the Shenghong chemical fibre two ring blowing production workshop, Jiang Hongkun asked in detail about the technical research and development situation of enterprises. Accompanied by Miu Hangen and introduced. In the sample display window Jiang Hongkun carefully observe the product, and asked the product characteristics and market situation, when that Shenghong chemical fiber patent hundreds of items, some of the leading products in terms of size and function of the global, the superfine fiber international market share to reach 60%, Jiang Hongkun said congratulations, he hopes to continue to Sheng Hong strengthening the work of the independent innovation of science and technology, development of technology products, in the development of the domestic market at the same time, effective to occupy the international market. He said, as a textile town - Shengze, enterprises should carry out differentiated competition, every enterprise as far as possible, to have its own characteristics, as far as possible to create high-end products. Jiang Hongkun listened to the company chairman Miu Hangen introduction, the Group adhere to the road of independent innovation, improve product grade and added value, to upgrade the innovative ideas of traditional industry are very appreciated.

Subsequently, in Sheng Hong held a forum in Wujiang City, Shengze town leaders made working report, Miu Hangen also spoke at the meeting. He reported the group industrial development pattern and direction, and the work of independent innovation of enterprises. Jiang Hongkun made in Shenghong achievements affirmed, also put forward higher requirements.

Wujiang municipal Party committee secretary Xu Ming presided over the forum, Jiang Hongkun listened to Wujiang City, the town of Shengze to carry out the second batch of learning activities and economic and social development practice. He said, this research has seen a number of outstanding entrepreneur of Wujiang, they have a broad outlook, high starting point, handwriting, is a precious wealth of Wujiang and the development of Suzhou. Shengze's economic development is encouraging, in this financial crisis is big, Shengze silk textile industry due to increase the effective input, technological transformation, but the starting point is high, still full of strong vitality for development, still maintained a very good momentum of development, the development experience of Shengze should make a good summary. Wujiang this year the development well, also maintained a good momentum of development, the main economic indicators have achieved rapid development.

Jiang Hongkun pointed out that, to study and practice the scientific outlook on development activities, one is to accurately position, two is to form innovation, three is a distinctive, four is to be effective. In this regard, the next step, Wujiang city and Shengze town in learning to practice good start, in strict accordance with the central and provincial, the requirements of Suzhou City, closely combined with the actual work, the study and practice activities in depth.

Jiang Hongkun stressed that, at present, Wujiang is to maintain the advantages of development, enhance regional economic competitiveness, completes the transformation and upgrading of this article. One is to focus on project construction, enhance stamina; the two is to innovation, speed up the transformation; three is the superior environment, Pratt & Whitney livelihood. The target of " American Wujiang " good, fully embodied in the people-oriented ideology, is also in line with the requirements of the construction of the " Suzhou municipal Party committee proposed three district three city"; four is to improve service, improve the efficiency of. According to the study and practice the scientific outlook on development activities, increase for the tangible things, problem solving efforts, focus on a number of people concerned about the livelihood of the people, let people share in the fruits of reform and development.