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Ping Station in Zhonglu technology company held a public for


The morning of January 9, 2011, the two floor conference Pingwang station in Zhonglu technology company office building room held the new year for the first time the " community forum ". The human resources manager Pingwang leadership and police representatives and Zhonglu technology company Wu Guoping, public security section chief Yan Jianmin, EHS Commissioner Ming Shouyuan attended the conference office.

At the forum, Ping police station also extended on the spot police contact card, " foreign staff dormitory management system ", " method for application for temporary residence permits ". With the Zhonglu technology companies and construction units, zero distance, face-to-face talk exchanges, Pingwang station widely listen to opinions and suggestions on the public security work Zhonglu technology companies and construction units, " food " to draw from, as a powerful measure to promote the public security work and team construction work, promote Pingwang the town enterprise and the harmonious development of the community, protect the people live and work in peace.

On behalf of all departments of the companies have to speak one's mind freely, construction difficulties, its personnel management problems and put forward their own views, opinions and suggestions, and some problems in construction site recently appeared are discussed. Ping Station in Zhonglu technology company held " the forum ", " politics is Ping police station to ask for people, ask plan at civilian " to the people, work and pull together, to solve the problem one of the important measures. " The forum " work, will promote the Pingwang station can keep abreast of Pingwang town enterprise construction requirement and community people live and work in peace, strengthen communication and exchanges between the police and citizens, to become the platform interactive, equal communication between the police, to promote the healthy and harmonious development of Pingwang town enterprises and the broad masses of the people live in peace and happiness to create a harmonious community, Pingwang Town, safe community, civilized communities will play a positive role.