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The company was honored as a key high-tech enterprise of nat


A few days ago, from the national Ministry of science and technology news, according to " key high-tech enterprise of national torch plan and management measures ", a rigorous assessment by experts, online publicity, the company was identified as a key high-tech enterprise of national Torch Plan in 2009. This honor is to obtain, fully affirmed the achievements made in recent years, will be the company's research and development, industrialization construction so as to create more favorable conditions for the.

Company in 2007 by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of science and Technology identified as high-tech enterprises at the provincial level, in 2008 the national Ministry of science and technology for all review of provincial high-tech enterprise that, our company has always adhere to independent innovation, with independent intellectual property rights, to meet all the conditions for review, successfully passed the review work of high-tech enterprises. At the same time assumed national torch plan project " direct spinning " ice rainbow silk " industrialization ", national key new product projects " high moisture absorption and fast dry ice rainbow silk products ", and dozens of provincial science and technology project. Long-term since, the company has been focusing on new product research and development, the average annual research and development of new products more than a dozen, through identification of scientific and technological achievements, appraisal opinion for the product and its processing technology has reached domestic leading level; to introduce the world's advanced ring blowing technology, through digestion, absorption, re-innovation production of world advanced super fine fiber, energy saving, environmental protection, promote the industry upgrading, the upgrading of technology, gained remarkable achievements in the field of innovation, this time by the national identification and lay a solid foundation.