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Suzhou City Vice Mayor Pu Ronggao visited research Zhonglu


In May 8, 2011, Pu Ronggao of Suzhou city deputy mayor in Shenghong chairman, President Miu Hangen accompanied the visit, investigation of the Zhonglu technology, accompanied the visit and vice mayor of Wujiang Wu Wei town leaders and Shenghong chemical fiber general manager Zhang Yexing, Zhonglu technology general manager Zhu Xiaowei and other relevant responsible person.

Pu Ronggao first came to a pedestrian Zhonglu technology spinning workshop, in the workshop, Miao Hangen chairman Mura Ei detail introduces Zhonglu technology made in chemical fiber differential production achievements, Miu Hangen said Zhonglu technology is Hongqi under the wholly-owned subsidiary, specializing in the production of full-dull polyester fiber, polyester fiber differentiation, memory fiber, functional fiber and other products, has opened up a new development path for the differentiation of group chemical plate.

Vice mayor Pu Ronggao expressed admiration for the Zhonglu technology showed a can-do spirit in the enterprise development process, and further development on the company's attention, hope Zhonglu technology can give full play to lead the advantages in talents and technology, continue to pay attention to in line with local economic development, strengthen the cooperation with the local government, and strive to make their own the greatest contribution to the development of the textile industry and local economic society.