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Sheng Hong boarded the " news network "



In August 3rd, CCTV " news broadcast " authoritative news launched the " industrial Daobi new opportunities " series of reports, in the broadcast the first episode " Suzhou: independent innovation and upgrading of Foreign Trade Center for transformation " emphasized the superfine fiber Shenghong chemical fiber development, chief engineer Mei Feng accept the CCTV interview.

The report said, put a fiber do so fine, is to rely on independent R & D enterprises for many years, and promoting the great efforts to engage in independent research and development, is a huge benefit product upgrades brought, from fiber to fiber, differentiated products to further enhance the added value.

Shenghong chemical fibre continuous innovation, mainly in the production of chemical fiber and chemical fiber raw materials. The company attaches great importance to the enterprise technology innovation system and capacity building, the above technology R & D costs associated with the annual investment accounted for 3% of sales. 2008 was identified as high-tech enterprises, was named the national torch plan focused on high-tech enterprises, the Ministry of science and technology, China Textile Development Center awarded the " superfine polyester fiber products development base enterprises" title.

" We differentiated products accounted for our entire product ratio reached 80% ". Mei Feng in an interview said. It is understood, from 10000 meters only 0.15 grams of fiber fabric garment extending to Wujiang enterprises, many enterprises have already started from the manufacturing industry the most low-end to high-end transformation. As a model of private enterprises in Wujiang, Cheng Hong chemical fiber will uphold the Sheng De culture concept, establish a corporate vision first brand, industry to build the world's first-class enterprises " to achieve " complete ", enterprise development, customer satisfaction, employee, Ezawa for the benefit of society ".