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China Textile Industry Association to Sheng Hong investigati


By Chinese filament weaving association was established in Shengze in September 15, 2011 the opportunity, President of China Textile Industry Association Du Yuzhou led the research group came to Sheng Hong investigation, Miao Hangen chairman introduced the industrial development of recent Shenghong, in-depth exchanges and study tours.

After the forum to exchange short, investigation delegation visited Sheng Hongxin DTY workshop. Said Miu Hangen, Sheng Hong chemical plate built the world's leading new polyester filament DTY workshop, using the world's most advanced twist and supporting the full automatic operation of the new technology, a breakthrough of the traditional elastic concept, through the patent a lot of technological innovation, the full implementation of automation.

Du Yuzhou said, filament weaving industry is an important industry in China's textile industry, though started late but rapid development, has become one of the fastest developing pillar industry of China's textile industry, and also one of the most market activity and technology activity industry. Sheng Hong as the domestic chemical fiber industry, especially occupies an important position in the superfine fiber production, hope Shenghong in chemical fiber industry continues to promote the transformation and upgrading of industry, to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, improve the added value of products, domestic chemical fiber industry to accelerate the transformation of development mode plays a guiding role model.