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Sheng Hong polyester product development base promotion of


Recently, news came from the national textile product development base Secretariat, Sheng Hong formally by CNTAC National Textile Product Development Center audit, has become the national superfine polyester fiber products development base, which marks the Sheng Hong in the development of polyester superfine fibre products at the forefront of the country.

The difference of chemical products, chemical products, to avoid the single price competition situation, enhance the added value of products. Sheng Hong investment chemical fiber industry, is to look at the high end of fiber field, through research and development production of differential, functional fiber, and strive to make their mark in the superfine fiber field, to become " the goal of global fiber expert ". Sheng Hong to science and technology enterprises culture as the carrier, by the means of constructing the combination platform, promote the introduction of textile science and technology achievements, digestion, attract and innovation, to provide scientific and technological support to accelerate economic transformation. At present, Shenghong chemical fiber industry is currently the world's largest polyester superfine fiber production base of the group. With the world's leading technology and equipment, the group established a national enterprise technology center, set up post-doctoral research station, the implementation of production, learning and research, combining, and higher education institutions, scientific research cooperation.

Background: superfine fiber link Shenghong development, most fine monofilament has reached 0.15dpf, 10000 meters long silk weight of only 0.15 grams, 10000 kilometers is only 150 grams, a circle around the earth 40000 kilometers is also as long as a catty of two two this natural fibre silk thread, far exceeding the most fine.