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Xu Ming spring visit Sheng Hong


The morning of January 29th, as the first working day after the Spring Festival, Suzhou city deputy mayor, Wujiang municipal Party committee secretary Xu Ming came to visit condolences to Sheng Hong, Wujiang municipal Party committee, city hall new year's blessings and encouragement, hope to get better and faster development of enterprises in 2012.

In the VIP room, Xu Ming and the Group Chairman Miu Hangen a cordial conversation, a detailed understanding of the enterprise project progress. President Miu Hangen introduced the group made achievements over the past year, and report the Sheng Hong in 2012 to develop plans and goals. He introduced, Sheng Hong Company subordinate Guowang Gaoke will be put into operation in this year to achieve comprehensive, innovative functional fiber production base as Shenghong this year to build, according to the original chemical plate, Sheng Hong Company will form an annual output of 1400000 tons of production capacity, whether from the production capacity or the content of science and technology will lead the world. In addition, the 2012 Shenghong will also usher in the 20 anniversary celebration, Shenghong will with new attitude, and strive to become an industry with reasonable structure, scientific management mode, excellent corporate culture, core competitiveness prominent cross-regional, cross-sectoral, diversification and internationalization of modern enterprise group.

Xu Ming for the enterprise achievements and happy, he said, Sheng Hong Wujiang leader, Miao Hangen is our leader, oriented, Sheng Hong every year new development, maintained a good momentum of development, key to the further development of the textile industry in the elimination of backward production capacity, adjust and optimize the industrial structure, accelerate the innovation of science and technology. Xu Ming hopes to Sheng Hong to base current, long-term plan, accelerate the pace of listing chemical plate, to have a global outlook, the development direction of industry, market trend to see very clear, win the future by their own diligence, wisdom and power.