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Xu Ming a line of research in hope Gaoke


The morning of March 16th, Chinese Wang Gaoke new 1000000 tons of melt direct spinning fiber differentiation project site to promote the hope Gaoke Fiber Co. Ltd. in Jiangsu convened. Suzhou City Vice Mayor, Wujiang municipal Party committee secretary Xu Ming, Wujiang Municipal Committee, vice mayor Shen Jinming, municipal Party committee secretary Wang Yue attended the promotion meeting, Sheng Hong Company Chairman Miu Hangen, municipal development and Reform Commission, Finance Bureau, Land Bureau, environmental protection bureau and other departments responsible person peace at town leaders Xu Weidong, Qiu Quanming, Liang, Zhu Yungen attended Pinting will promote the.

Xu Ming and his party first visited the country hope Gaoke production workshop, the scene heard Miu Hangen on enterprise production and operation situation, and projects to promote the exchanges in the field and Miu Hangen.

Held in the subsequent propulsion conference, Miu Hangen from the project construction, group development planning, development and the problems in three aspects to Xu Ming Secretary of the one one made a report. Preliminary design scheme, Xu Ming looked Gaoke two 1000000 tons of melt direct spinning fiber differentiation project through a detailed understanding of the preparation and readiness Shenghong shares listed on the work, and in-depth analysis of the group listed in the choice of the pros and cons, hope the enterprises from the group development of the long-term interests, scientific decision-making. Subsequently, Xu Ming listened carefully to the Miao Hangen, Xu Weidong and the City Land Bureau, the national development and Reform Commission, the environmental protection agency and other departments responsible person related to the situation and problems. Xu Ming emphasizes, various departments to the respective work clear, go to all lengths to intensify efforts to implement, to promote the country's Gaoke project construction, promote Shenghong shares listed speed. Xu Ming said, in the hope of a project also need Gaoke portion of the land shall be implemented in the first half of the year, the two phase of the project land use and environmental impact assessment to the same period, for the project start in the year.